Create Customer Property Definition

There is a limit of 50 customer property definitions per company.


POST /v2/customer-properties HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer oauth_token
Content-Type: application/json

  "type" : "dropdown",
  "slug" : "plan",
  "name" : "Plan",
  "options" : [ {
    "id" : "556cca5f-1afc-48ef-8323-b88b55808404",
    "label" : "Standard"
  }, {
    "id" : "1313b25a-1150-49a4-8514-5b31f37e427f",
    "label" : "Plus"
  }, {
    "id" : "f2cbc0ee-95ea-4ef2-82d3-e357dc650989",
    "label" : "Company"
  } ]

Request fields

Path Type Required Description
type String Y Type of the property, one of: number, text, url, date, dropdown
slug String Y Customer property slug (logical id). Must be unique within the company and have length between 1 and 100 characters. May only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores. The values ‘email’, ‘name’, ‘company’ and ‘jobTitle’ are reserved.
name String Y Name of the property
options Array N The list of options for a dropdown property. Maximum 100 options. Any options included with property types other than ‘dropdown’ will be ignored.

Request fields

Path Type Required Description
id String N UUID for this option. Optional; if not provided it will be generated.
label String Y Unique human readable label for the option, max length 255 characters.


HTTP/1.1 201 Created