You can now filter conversations by custom fields in List Conversations.

List endpoints like List Conversations return pagination links - for example link to next page (/v2/conversations?page=2). But in case the request contained query params (/v2/conversations?status=closed), these were not included in the links which was illogical and actually a bug.

We brought the parameters back and the next link would now properly say /v2/conversations?status=closed&page=2

2018-11-13 NEW Workflows!

All the Workflow endpoints are here. You can list workflows, change their status and run manual workflows.

2018-09-26 Update thread text

And here’s Update Thread endpoint for you :-)

2018-09-25 Create customer entries

You can now add all customer entries (emails, phones, .. etc) in the Create Customer endpoint.

2018-09-25 Documentation updates

We looked at Create Conversation again and updated the documentation - state was marked as required and threads documentation was improved. List Webhooks is now visible and Create Webhook was corrected as well - it used to display text from the Update Webook endpoint before.

2018-09-14 Additional customer fields in Create Conversation

The Customer object in the Create Conversation endpoint supports additional fields like name, organization, etc.

2018-09-12 state param in Authorization Code Flow

You can now use the optional state parameter in the Authorization Code Flow

2018-09-05 Embed customer sub entities (emails, chats, …)

If you want to load a customer object with all entries like emails, chats and other, use the new embed param in Get Customer endpoint

2018-08-29 Add tags and custom fields when creating conversation

You can now add tags and custom fields directly in the Create Conversation endpoint.

2018-08-21 Draft reply

It is now possible to use draft field in both Create Conversation and Create Reply endpoints to create a draft instead of a reply.

2018-08-10 Embed Threads to Conversation

Get Conversation endpoints now support embed parameter that can pre-load threads when returning the conversation object

2018-07-30 Web Hooks overhaul

It is now possible to create multiple web hooks per account!

2018-07-17 Documentation update

There was an issue in the List Conversations documentation. Query operator mailboxName doesn’t exist, it’s actually called mailbox and it can be used in /v2/conversations?query=(mailbox: "Help Scout").

We also documented status param all that will give you all conversations no matter what their status is - /v2/conversations?status=all.

2018-05-15 Open for business

Mailbox API 2.0 is now available to all Help Scout users on paid plans.

2018-04-16 Transition service

Authors of Help Scout integrations can use our Transition service to exchange V1 API keys for OAuth2 tokens.

2018-04-11 Custom Fields in conversation object

Both Get Conversation and List Conversations responses now contain custom fields.

2018-04-10 - Web Hooks!

The API now supports Web Hook endpoints

2018-03-06 - Imported threads with createdAt

Imported threads now allow overriding of createdAt value.

2018-03-06 - Update conversation owner

Update Conversation is able assign and un-assign a conversation

2018-03-05 - Update conversation status

Update Conversation is able to update the conversation status now

2018-02-28 - Locked conversations

The API now returns nice error message when adding threads to conversation with 100 or more conversations.

2018-02-26 - Moved or merged conversations

The API now handles moved or merged conversations

2018-02-20 - Mailbox API 2.0 in Beta

Mailbox API 2.0 is now Beta. It covers almost all V1 resources with the exception of Webhooks and Workflows.

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