Conversations - Drilldown by Field

This report is similar to the Conversations Report, but instead of returning statistics about conversation volume, it drills down and returns the conversation data (by conversation field) that makes up the Conversations Report.


GET /v2/reports/conversations/fields-drilldown HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer oauth_token

URL Parameters

Parameter Description
start Start of the interval
end End of the interval
field The field on which to drill down; valid values are:
tagid (for tags), replyid (for saved replies), workflowid (for workflows), customerid (for most active customers)
fieldid The identifier on which to drill down; can be an identifier representing a tag, saved reply, workflow, or customer
mailboxes List of comma separated ids to filter on mailboxes
tags List of comma separated ids to filter on tags
types List of comma separated conversation types to filter on, valid values are email, chat, phone
folders List of comma separated folder ids to filter on folders
page The page number
rows Number of result to return per page; defaults to 25; maximum is 50


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

  "conversations" : {
    "pages" : 157,
    "page" : 1,
    "count" : 1561,
    "results" : [ {
      "id" : 583,
      "number" : 12345,
      "type" : "email",
      "mailboxid" : 2,
      "attachments" : false,
      "subject" : "Sample subject",
      "status" : "active",
      "threadCount" : 6,
      "preview" : "This is a preview...",
      "customerName" : "John Smith",
      "customerEmail" : "",
      "customerIds" : [ 2 ],
      "modifiedAt" : "2015-04-24T18:59:49Z",
      "assignedid" : 4,
      "tags" : [ {
        "id" : 123,
        "name" : "sample-tag",
        "color" : "none"
      } ],
      "assignedName" : "Mary Jones"
    } ]

Response fields

Path Type Description
conversations.pages Number The number of total available pages Number The current page
conversations.count Number The number of total conversations included in all pages
conversations.results Array Contains abbreviated versions of each conversation associated with the search criteria


Path Type Description
[].id Number Unique identifier of the conversation
[].number Number The conversation number displayed in the UI. This number can be used in combination with the id to construct a URL to the conversation on the Help Scout website. Example:<id>/<number>/
[].type String The type of conversation; possible values include:
[].mailboxid Number Identifier of the mailbox in which this conversation resides
[].attachments Boolean attachments
[].subject String Conversation subject
[].status String Status of the conversation; possible values include:
[].threadCount Number The number of published threads found on the conversation (does not include line items, drafts or threads held for review by Traffic Cop)
[].preview String Preview of the conversations
[].customerName String The customer who this conversation is associated with
[].customerEmail String The customer email address who this conversation is associated with
[].customerIds Array Identifiers of customer this conversation is associated with
[].modifiedAt String The date/time this conversation was last modified
[].assignedid Number The identifier of the user assigned to this conversation
[].assignedName String The name of the User assigned to this conversation
[].tags Array Collection of tags with each element containing the tag identifier, name, and color