Create Note


POST /v2/conversations/123/notes HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer oauth_token
Content-Type: application/json

  "text" : "Buy more pens",
  "attachments" : [ {
    "fileName" : "file.txt",
    "mimeType" : "plain/text",
    "data" : "ZmlsZQ=="
  } ]

Request fields

Path Type Required Description
text String Y The note text
user Number N ID of the user who is adding the thread. The resource owner is the default when not set.
status String N Use this field to change conversation status when adding a thread. If not explicitly set, a reply thread will reactivate the conversation. Valid statuses:
imported Boolean N The imported field enables thread to be created for historical purposes
(i.e. if moving from a different platform, you can import your history).
When imported is set to true, no outgoing emails or notifications will be generated.
createdAt String N Optional creation date to be used when importing conversations and threads. It can only be used with imported field set to true
attachments Array N Optional list of attachments to be attached to this thread

Request fields

Path Type Required Description
fileName String Y Attachment’s file name
mimeType String Y Attachment’s mime type
data String Y Base64-encoded stream of data.


HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Resource-ID: 567

Response Headers

Name Description
Resource-Id Internal ID of the newly created thread

Moved or merged conversations

When a conversation is merged with another conversation, it is no longer accessible using the old ID. Get Conversation endpoint will return a HTTP 301 Moved Permanently status code and the response will contain a Location header with the URI of the new conversation.

This request will return a HTTP 404 Not Found in such case. If you suspect the conversation you are trying to change was merged, call the Get Conversation endpoint to get a new conversation location.

Locked conversation - maximum number of threads

A single conversation can contain up to 100 threads. If you try to create conversation with more than 100 threads or add a thread to a conversation that has 99 threads or more, the API will return HTTP 412 Precondition failed error.

Locked conversation - too old

Company policy can prevent old conversations to be updated. If you try to add a new thread to a conversation when when this policy is active, the API will return HTTP 412 Precondition failed error.