Update Redirect

  • REST Method: PUT
  • URL: https://docsapi.helpscout.net/v1/redirects/{id}
  • Content-Type: application/json


Name Type Required Default Options Notes
Redirect Redirect Y     The body of the request (see example below).
reload boolean N false
  • true
  • false
Set this request parameter to true to return the updated redirect in the response.
    "siteId": "52444cc53e3e9bd67a3dc68c",
    "urlMapping": "/redirect/69-respond-to-conversations",
    "redirect": "http://docs.brightwurks.com/redirect/1746-jamie"

Accepted Fields

Name Type Required Default Notes
siteId String Y   The id of the Site that this Redirect is associated with
urlMapping String Y   The path to redirect from
redirect String Y   The fully qualified URL to redirect to


Response Name Type Notes
Header Status Integer 200
Status: 200 OK