Create Category

  • REST Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Content-Type: application/json


Name Type Required Default Notes
category Category Y   The body of the request (see example below).
reload boolean N false Set this request parameter to true to return the created category in the response. Note that timestamps will be returned in Unix.
    "collectionId": "5214c83d45667acd25394b53",
    "name": "My Category",
    "slug": "my-category",
    "visibility": "public",
    "order": 1,
    "defaultSort": "name"

Accepted Fields

Name Type Required Default Notes
collectionId String Y    
name String Y   Name must be unique for the specified Collection.
slug String N   SEO-friendly identifier for the article that can be used in a URL.
visibility String N public Options:
  • public - viewable by the public
  • private - viewable only in admin
order Int N 1 Use this attribute to specify the order of a category when displayed in a list.
defaultSort String N popularity

Use this attribute to set the default sort when getting a list of articles in a category.

  • popularity
  • name


Response Name Type Notes
Header Status Integer 201
Header Location String{id}
Status: 201 Created