ArticleSearch Object

Field Guide

Name Type Example Notes
id String 5214c83d45667acd25394b54 Unique identifier
collectionId String 5214c83d45667acd25394b53 The id of the Collection that this Category is associated with.
categoryIds Array   An array of Strings that represents the Category ids that the Article is associated with.
slug String "my-article" SEO-friendly identifier for the article that can be used in a URL.
name String My Article  
preview String This first 160 characters of the article text (with HTML tags stripped).  
url String The public URL for the article.
docsUrl String /docs/5214c83d45667acd25394b53/article/ 5214c83d45667acd25394b54 The Help Scout admin URL for the article. This can be prefixed with '' to create a full URL.
number Int 23 Numerical identifier. Useful for creating SEO friendly URLs (combined with a slug of the Article name).
status String published The status of the Article. Possible values:
  • published - viewable by the public
  • notpublished - only viewable in admin
visibility String public The visibility of the article (corresponds to the visibility of the collection). Possible values:
  • public
  • private


    "id": "5215163545667acd25394b5c",
    "collectionId": "5214c77c45667acd25394b51",
    "categoryIds": [
    "slug": "my-article",
    "name": "My Article",
    "preview": "This is my article.",
    "url": "",
    "docsUrl": "/docs/5214c77c45667acd25394b51/article/5215163545667acd25394b5c",
    "number": 14,
    "status": "published",
    "visibility": "public"