List Collections

  • REST Method: GET
  • URL:


Name Type Required Default Options Notes
page Int No 1    
siteId String No     Use this parameter to filter Collections for a specific Site. If this parameter is not present, all Collections are returned.
visibility String No all
  • all
  • public
  • private
sort String No order
  • number
  • visibility
  • order
  • name
  • createdAt
  • updatedAt
order String No asc
  • asc: ascending order
  • desc: descending order

To request subsequent pages:


Response Name Type Notes
Header Status Int 200
Body page Int Current page that was passed in on the request
  pages Int Total number of pages available
  count Int Total number of objects available
  items Collection Collection of Collection objects.
    "collections": {
        "page": 1,
        "pages": 1,
        "count": 4,
        "items": [{
                "id": "5214c83d45667acd25394b53",
                "siteId": "52404efc4566740003092640",
                "number": 33,
                "slug": "my-collection",
                "visibility": "public",
                "order": 1,
                "name": "My Collection",
                "description": "Description of my collection",
                "publicUrl": "",
                "articleCount": 3,
                "publishedArticleCount": 1,
                "createdBy": 73423,
                "updatedBy": 73423,
                "createdAt": "2013-08-21T14:01:33Z",
                "updatedAt": "2013-08-21T14:01:33Z"
            { ...collection object...},
            { ...collection object...},
            { ...collection object...}