Legacy Static Apps

You can set up a Static App to add some basic HTML into every Help Scout conversation, in the customer sidebar.


For example, let’s say you manage an email newsletter with the fine folks at Campaign Monitor. Your Static App can create a URL that dynamically looks up the customer’s profile.

Here’s what the HTML would look like:

<a href="https://[subdomain].createsend.com/subscribers/search?search={%customer.email%}">Campaign Monitor</a>

Be sure to fill in your Campaign Monitor subdomain where it says [subdomain] … then save and your App will look like this:

Example App

Of course, this example is rather basic. But it’s a great way to build a quick link to the customer’s profile in about two minutes. Your Static App could include several links like this. Any of the following variables can be used in your HTML to pull in data from the conversation:

Available Variables

  • {%customer.id%}
  • {%customer.fname%}
  • {%customer.lname%}
  • {%customer.email%}
  • {%ticket.id%}
  • {%ticket.number%}
  • {%ticket.subject%}

Please see the Style Guide tab for guidance on formatting your HTML so that it fits well within the web app.

Once you are all set, Build Your Custom App.