Accessing Help Scout Data without JavaScript

This guide will provide you with the necessary information to access Help Scout data without using JavaScript.

Using JavaScript is preferable because more data is available through it. If you can use JavaScript, please see this guide instead.


Ensure that you have completed the steps listed in the Install App section and set up a Help Scout App.

Getting Data from the Request

Some context data (only non-identifiable data) is sent as query parameters on the request made to your content callback URL, and can be retrieved and used as needed.

Here is an example of how this implementation could look like in PHP:

// Remember to always check if a key is set before using it, as context may change depending on where your app is displayed.
if (!empty($_REQUEST) && !empty($_REQUEST['conversation-id'])) {
    $conversationId = $_REQUEST['conversation-id'];
    echo 'Conversation ID: ' . $conversationId;

Getting Data from the Help Scout API

If you need more data, you can use the context data available in the request to query the Help Scout API.