Open Source

In addition to the official API clients and other projects available on our Github account, the developer community has created some wonderful open source tools worth checking out.

Want to add something to this list? Let us know.

Mailbox API 2.0

Name Author Description
Node.js SDK Shaun VanWeelden Node.js wrapper for Mailbox API 2.0

Mailbox API 1.0

We're retiring Mailbox API 1.0

On June 6th, 2019, support for legacy Mailbox API 1.0 will be shut down. To ensure that all existing integrations continue to function properly and are compatible with a supported API, they must be moved to Mailbox API 2.0. If you have any questions about how to migrate your integration to the new API, please reach out.

Name Author Description
Java client Help Scout Official Java client, actively developed by our team
PHP client Help Scout Official PHP client, actively developed by our team
Command Line client Help Scout Example project: a simple command line client application that demonstrates what you can do with the API
Ruby API client Héctor Ramos from Parse Help Scout API Gem
Python API client Mike McCann Python wrapper for the Help Scout API
Node.js API Client A Help Scout API for Node
.NET API Client Mathieu Kempe A .NET class library
API Bindings in Rust Lance Carlson Help Scout API Bindings in Rust. Check out their handy documentation for more info.
Help Scout Metrics Visualize your active ticket count, and who is behind on their tickets
Conversation Export Michiel Sikkes A Ruby script to export conversations to a CSV file
Help Scout Unread Counter (Chrome Extension) Ben Clark This chrome extension displays a button in the Chrome toolbar with the current number of active, unassigned (i.e. unread) conversations in a given Help Scout inbox.
Chrome Extension Cameron Webb Support email notifier
Slackbot Help Scout Sean Schofield A standalone Sinatra app for mapping Help Scout webhooks to concise Slack messages
CRUD for profiles Walter Schweitzer Search for and delete duplicates
Help Scout dashboard Robert Blankenship Simple solution for keeping track of incoming Help Scout tickets in real-time
Help Scout meets Highrise rimpa Makes all Help Scout messages appear in Highrise automatically Beta
PHP/JS feedback widget Little Big Make A small popup feedback widget
Groove Import Tool for Help Scout Chef's Plate Migration tool from Groove to Help Scout
osTicket Import Tool for Help Scout Benjamin Nørgaard Migration tool from osTicket to Help Scout
Feedback widget Appcues Simple JavaScript feedback widget
Cubscout Andrew Yates A lightweight Mac app for Help Scout notifications
Pivotal Tracker Bookmarklet Tony Brady Create a Pivotal Tracker ticket from a Help Scout conversation
Hub for Help Scout Jason Shehane While not technically open-source, it's an iPhone app available for paid Help Scout accounts
Fluid App Badge Alerts Mathieu D'Aoust This script adds the badge alert functionality (the red alert on the dock icon) to Help Scout when running in a FluidApp.
Easy Digital Downloads for WordPress Danny van Kooten Easy Digital Downloads for Help Scout is a WordPress plugin that will show customer information in your Help Scout dashboard.
Happiness Reports for Help Scout Andrew Munro, Sumobi WordPress plugin that enables you to display happiness ratings on your website.
Beacon for Help Scout Dan Griffiths, Section214 Embed a Beacon on your WordPress site and customize it without needing to know javascript.
Starter WP REST API controller Brady Vercher A starter WP REST API controller for creating a Dynamic App for Help Scout.
Laravel Spark Iain Poulson Help Scout Dynamic App support for Laravel Spark
Help Scout exporter Antoine Guénard Export your Help Scout conversations


Name Author
PHP API client Michael Morozov
Ruby API client (read-only) Guestfolio
Wordpress Docs Portal Plugin CreativeMinds
Docs API wrapper (for iOS) Buffer

Custom Apps

Name Author
PHP client library Help Scout
Easy Digital Downloads for WordPress Danny van Kooten
Easy Digital Downloads plugin integration Yoast
Franz integration Section214
Flask template Carousell
Magento Joakim Hedlund
Django template Victor Neo
WordPress / Easy Digital Downloads integration Sprout Apps
Restrict Content Pro Pippin's Plugins
Intercom Tom Graham