Beacons put help at your customers’ fingertips. With the embed code installed on your website, customers can contact you and search your Docs without leaving the page. To see a basic one in action, click the blue, round icon on the bottom right of this page.

Once you create a Beacon in Help Scout, you can copy/paste the embed code before the </body> tag on your site to activate it. The docs on this site enable you to customize your customers’ Beacon experience with javascript.

  • Customization: here you’ll find instructions on how to configure your Beacon with custom properties and values that can only be applied before initialization.
  • Javascript API: here you’ll find different methods to interact with your Beacon after initialization, or as soon it’s ready.


Topics are a powerful feature that can be added to your Beacon contact form (see the customization page for specifics). It’s a great way for customers to self-categorize their inquiry, but most importantly each topic maps to a tag of your choice and is attached to the Conversation in Help Scout.

Once your Conversation has a tag, you can trigger workflows and run reports based on its usage. You can do anything really, all with a simple dropdown field in your contact form!

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