Beacon 2.0

Beacons can be placed on any page of your website/application that you’d like. They provide a quick and simple way for customers to flip through your knowledge base or reach out to your team. Here you’ll find how to build on the Beacon 2.0 API and customize your integration.

These SDKs are for inclusion in your own website or mobile application (Android or iOS) to allow users of your apps to suggest and search Docs articles from one or more Help Scout Docs collections, start new Help Scout conversations, browse conversation history and replies, reply to conversations, and more.

In this section you’ll find:

  • About Beacon 2.0: How to create and customize a new Beacon.

  • Beacon for Web: Different methods to interact with your Beacon and securely authenticate users with secure mode.

  • Beacon for Android: Mobile Beacon SDK documentation for Android (Requirements: Android 5+).

  • Beacon for iOS: Mobile Beacon SDK documentation for iOS (Requirements: iOS 8+)

The SDK also provides sample applications that demonstrate best-practice implementations of all of the SDK’s features in Android and iOS.