Beacon for Mobile

With the Beacon Builder, you’ll be able to manage everything from Beacon features to configurations to colors just like you can on web. It’s up to you whether to deploy the same or different Beacons for each of your supported platforms. At Help Scout, we have implemented different Beacons for Web, Android, and iOS as it allows us to more easily customize the suggested articles, making them more relevant for the platform our customers are using.

We know time is of the essence, so we made it quick and easy to get Beacon set up on your mobile apps. In less than 5 lines of code (yes, five!) you’ll be able to include, initialize, and launch your Beacon on mobile. Here’s the iOS and Android installation guides.

Our SDK API also allows you to customize Beacon’s behavior depending on your requirements. Things like navigation are easily configurable to allow you to serve your customers in a way that works best for your team. Check out a few of the more common mobile SDK customizations. Here we’ll show video demos of certain features and customisations to give an idea of the kinds of thing that’s possible.

The technical documentation for iOS and Android explain each feature in with code samples.